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A Digital Marketing Strategy to Getting Quick Results

As a full service digital marketing agency, one of the first things we do when onboarding a new client is to identify the exact actionable steps that we are going to take which produces a quick result. Quick results, such as increased website traffic, social awareness and engagement, or even new sales are super important because they’re the only measurable way at demonstrating to a new client that we’re capable of making things happen for them. As digital marketing strategy, quick results gives us the opportunity to start generating a positive return on investment (ROI) for a client who just allocated funds towards a large marketing budget .
It all boils down to this, the faster my digital marketing agency can hit key performance indicators (KPIs) we’ve set with our clients, the more probable it becomes that we are to establish a solid long term working relationship with them, which simply means a higher return and lower customer churn for our digital agency.
In the end, it’s all about figuring out the best avenue of approach to get early positive traction and to do so very quickly before the client losses interest and moves on to the next internet marketing agency. Agency hopping is common practice in this industry so we are working to reduce that in order to keep our clients longer which in turn increases our LTV (customer lifetime value) ratios.
It all begins with a predefined list based on problems that we see with the site during our initial site analysis.
The digital marketing strategy guide I’m about to lay out for you contains the following, broken up into 3 mission critical categories, which are:
  • Website Based Quick Results
  • Content Marketing Based Quick Results
  • Paid Advertising Based Quick Results
In each category, I’ll use relevant examples that a business could face for you to know what to be looking for when you go conduct an auditing session of your clients online assets.
The point of this guide is to teach you how to take advantage of these quick results exploits and so that you can have the most impact as possible within the shortest amount of time.

Digital Marketing Strategy Tip #1: Website Based Quick Results

1. Revamp the Messaging at the Decision Stage

Most people who land on your website won’t be ready or qualified to make a purchasing decision at that exact moment. In fact studies show time and again that it takes an average of 7-9 touch points, with your brand, before a consumer ever becomes a qualified buyer on your site. However, it’s been my experience that most clients websites target their marketing content and messaging towards the very few “impulse” type buyers that are landing there on the first visit.
Instead of taking a hard selling approach that actually scaring people off with pushy sales messaging and which is only going to alienate these first time visitors, why not interested them in learning about your clients unique service offerings?
Here’s the deal, most first time visitors are still learning about their pain point your service or product could help them with. But if you nail them with lots of valuable resources and information that helps them understand their pain point better and then presents them with solutions, you’re a step ahead of the competition.
If you use this method you will be able to convert more site visitors into higher quality leads, which we then have to nurture into a conversion or sale event.
Now, I can hear the majority of you bitch and moan and say but JD we only have so much money and time and we have to get our sales up today! Look, I’ve heard it all before and that’s completely understandable to wish for. But here’s the reality, if you’re on your last leg where a matter of days or weeks means your sink or swim, I hate to break it to you but more than likely you’re already drowning and no amount of wishing or begging is going to change it. Sorry, but it’s the damn truth.
Now, let’s say your client comes to you and says that they don’t have any type ofvaluable resources or information to provide, then this is the time to start creating some valuable content. And I know that it sounds like a tremendous amount of grunt work, and it is, but the good new is that you will be able to leverage this hard work in numerous ways later down the road.
Just keep in mind that quicks results are accomplished by delivering the greatest amount of impact with the least amount of resources. You will be able to repurpose this content across your paid advertising initiatives, SEO, website, and lead generation campaigns means that you’ll be to provide quick results across your entire digital marketing strategy.

The Homepage is where you need to focus

If there’s a budget or time limit, the best place to start making revisions in order to get quick results is on the homepage. The homepage is typically the most visited page on a website and is the page upon which most visitors will land on first.  Given this, it becomes vital that the home page is able to deliver a great first impression and lets visitors quickly find what they’re looking for.
By beginning with the website home page you will be able to test the response of your visitors to each change, and whether or not it will give you a quick result.

2. Popups will Provide an Immediate Response

An effective way to get a visitors attention is with the strategic use of a popup. Popups gives us the ability to drive certain action that you want them to take on your site or an action you want them to complete.
An example of this would be building an email list in order to convert these visitors into qualified leads by first getting their contact information, you may find it most effective to present a popup for a new content piece offering rather than to leave the decision making up to them to find another one of your calls to action (CTA).
If you were to try converting this new site visitor into a customer immediately, by offering them a 25% discount coupon on the first order could mean the difference between them buying from you or your competitor.
Popups don’t take a lot of time to develop and are quite easy to implement, but the also can have a huge impact on your conversion rates.

3. Stop Using Stock Photography

If your clients site has any stock images to tell their business story, it’s highly likely you will see an almost immediate increase in the trustworthiness from website users by simply swapping them out for high quality photos which shows your real business in action Here’s the skinny, people like to do business with those they trust and like, so by getting more trusting visitors will no doubt lead to an increase in sales. Contracting a reputable photographer is recommended, unless the budget or even time constraints won’t permit.

4. Increasing Page Load Times can Improve the Site’s User Experience

Everyone expects things to happen now and not only right now but instantaneously. This translates into people being super impatient with most of site visitors getting tired of longer than average page load times and leaving the site.
Start by testing your site to see if it’s considered a slow website even if you think it’s performing normally. Google’s own Pagespeed is where you will run your speed tests. I’d also suggest taking it a step further and testing your pages as well. In Google’s SERPs, it prioritizes faster loading website pages over slower ones, which means improving the site speed could have a positive impact on the organic SERP rankings, especially on mobile!
If your clients website needs to increase its performance, there’s numerous culprits that you’ll need  to identify for slow load times. Here’s some common issues:
  • Site Hosting – A very common problem is your hosting provider is holding you back  which means you’re gonna have to make the switch to a better hosting platform.
  • Large Images or Attachments – You have to compress your images and optimize the images size for the internet. For those that are using WordPress, WP-Smush is highly recommended from our personal experience.
  • Heavy CSS or Javascript – That fancy widget that jumps on the page or moves around, yeah kill it because it’s eating up your sites response time and slowing it down. Get rid of the unnecessary junk.
Getting your website tuned up with faster response and load times could provide a significant boost to your user experience which will more than likely result in a noticeable increase in your search rankings and conversions.

Digital Marketing Strategy Tip #2: Content Marketing

Usually, content marketing is not thought of as a method for delivering quick wins. Most digital marketers view content marketing as a way to slowly and organically rank in the SERPs in an effort to build consistent traffic in order to lesson the burden of paid advertising.
Though content marketing provides this to websites as a long term digital marketing strategy, it’s also very useful to us in order to get quick results from the other areas that’s in our in our marketing mix.

1. Content Fills the Gaps in the Buyer’s Journey

Unless you’re dealing with a startup, the website more than likely have a some traffic, whether it’s just a couple people or hundreds, that are visiting your website every day. However, most of that traffic will simply not be candidates to make a purchasing decision from your brand, on the very first visit.
In fact, most site visitors just don’t know or recognize that they are in need of what you are offering to solve for them. Others might get it but they just won’t be ready tomake a purchasing decision before they’ve fully vetted all their options.
To combat this, you should create compelling content around the joys of doing business with your clients brand as a way to introduce brand new website visitors on the reasons your product or service is the best solution to solve their pain points.
An example of this would be if your clients business sold rental insurance, you could create a comprehensive travel guide on the “Easiest 6Ways to Get the Most Perfect Vacation Rental” and you then include a section on rental insurance as one of the “tips”.
From this, you would link to the “Super Ultimate Guide on Your Rental Property Safety” that contains a section dedicated to rental insurance for those interested in learning more, but not yet ready to make a purchasing decision.
With these highly targeted content pieces, you are able to put your marketing message in front of a lot more people coming to your website, which allows them to enter into your marketing funnel at a much earlier point than when you were to target them with a decision based stage only type message right off the bat (like we discussed at the beginning of this article).

The SEO Benefits of Content Marketing

Finally, by publishing this type of informative content on your site, you’ll begin togenerate attention from search engines. While SEO isn’t really a digital marketing strategy for quick results, the additional benefit of this type of high quality content development shouldn’t be ignored or minimized.

2. Promote with Paid Advertising

While your content will support your existing website traffic, it can always do a lot more. By adding in paid ads into your digital marketing strategy bag of tricks will immediately place your content articles in front of highly targeted audiences. This makes it easier for you to be able to reach your ideal buyers a lot earlier in the sales process or in the buyer’s journey.
For a digital marketing strategy example, let’s say your client has a data analytics software agency that supports large corporations and you’ve been running ads to encourage people to sign up for a free trial of the product or service. With this setup, you would only be able to effectively run those ads targeting those who were in the market looking for a data analytics software solution.
Now let’s say you created a new content guide on the “Top 12 Benefits of Big Data Analysis for Enterprises.” You would then be able to promote the guide through your paid distribution channels and target CTOs and other c-level positions within enterprise level organizations who may not be in the market for your clients service or product, but would actually benefit from the info contained in the guide.
By targeting them and then getting them to take notice and read the guide you’ve just begun to foster a relationship between the executive and your clients brand, which  is also simply know n as lead nurturing. Also, by capturing their contact info you now have the opportunity to stay in contact with them and nurture them toward a sale event as some point in the future.


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